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With Lovena Reddi, Managing Consultant for Mobius Consulting Mauritius

From South Africa to Mauritius

Mobius Consulting takes pride in empowering the largest group of companies in Mauritius with enhanced Information Security programmes. Mobius Consulting Mauritius, in collaboration with Mobius Consulting South Africa, assisted one of the largest conglomerates in Mauritius to set up their Information Security programme. 

This included the creation of their security policies, governance framework and processes to support the programme, as well as increasing the awareness of information security throughout the organisation.

The objective of the project was to ensure that the corporate office as well as the subsidiary companies had an effective, measurable, and tested security framework in place to support their business operations. 

Mobius Consulting’s Approach to this Project Included:

  • Setting up the Information Security policies, governance frameworks and processes for the corporate office and its subsidiaries. This included the development of artefacts to enable the processes to function. 
  • Assisted each organisation individually in developing plans for their security capabilities and providing necessary advisory services where required.
  • Assisting key stakeholders within each company to implement the overall security programme and providing training and guidance in weekly recurring meetings, all done remotely!
  • Understanding the Information Security technical operations of the various organisations within the group, and providing recommendations to enhance processes and ultimately to improve security maturity across the entire group.

Mobius worked in close collaboration with key stakeholders in each organisation to ensure that the framework was custom-fit and would be understandable and implementable by all concerned departments within and outside of IT, such as HR, Legal and Procurement. 

Improving Business Capabilities

The project also highlighted the importance of using a simplified set of policies and a common framework across the group while helping to improve the capabilities to implement the framework. The project also resulted in other initiatives to further enhance the security maturity and capabilities of the businesses, such as the creation of Business Continuity Plans, setting up of a privacy framework, and the remediation of audit findings.

Performing Large-Scale Projects on a Remote Basis

Mobius Consulting’s capability to perform a large-scale project remotely was tested during this project, however all of our staff were able to work effectively, collaborating with our stakeholders as well as meeting project deadlines, even during the Covid19 lockdown. We adapted our consulting methodologies and approach to meet the challenges of remote working such as conducting online meetings and performing assessments remotely as opposed to on-site.

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