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Lovena Reddi’s Background 

After completing her BSC degree in Computer Systems, her next step was to do her Master’s degree in Enterprise Management and later she became a qualified Microsoft Systems Engineer and Certified information Security Manager. She feels as if there is always a lot to learn because the Mobius way of consulting is new on the market.  


Lovena Reddi’s background is in IT (Information Technology) with exposure to security, procurement, governance, automation and more in the information security and privacy field.  


After working her way up the ladder at KPMG from IT administrator, to IT manager and eventually becoming the head of IT, Lovena Reddi was at KPMG for 13 years before moving into her role within the Mobius Consulting model.  


Today, Lovena Reddi is a Managing Consultant for Mobius Mauritius, and is the leader of 3 team members currently working in their office based in Ebene 

Mobius Consulting Mauritius 


Since they started to work with IBL Group as one of the first clients in Mauritius things have started to take shape for the growing office. The Mauritian Mobius Consulting office has managed to penetrate the market since their launch in January 2019 with Lovena Reddi as the only staff member on site for the first year of operation.   

The launch event last year hosted 80 guests in Mauritius which is an incredible start to the Mobius Consulting global footprint covering cyber security and data privacy inside new territories. 


Her team has begun to grow since January this year as they have been able to on board 3 new members of the Mobius presence on the island.  


Lovena Reddi is a pioneer in the IT, technology, cyber security, information security, privacy and governance market as her team is driven to catalyse the culture change within the technology industry of Mauritius.  


Although the uptake is slower than in the Mobius Consulting South African and United Kingdom markets due to fewer resources, limited knowledge and understanding Mobius Consulting Mauritius is ahead with their unique offerings.   


“A lot of the concepts such as governance, cyber security, privacy as well as security testing are relatively immature in the market. Mobius Consulting aims to penetrate the market on a deeper level,” says Lovena Reddi. “There are competitors in the Mauritian landscape, but people will probably prefer to work with the flexible, practical model of the Mobius culture and team as opposed to a more checklist-based approach,” says Lovena Reddi.   


With a primary focus on awareness and governance as the first port of call, Lovena Reddi anticipates big things for the Mobius office in her stomping ground. “People in Mauritius tend to think that because we are a small Island in the middle of the ocean, we will be safe from hackers, however we are just 1 IP address away from the rest of the world,” says Lovena Reddi. 


A Regionalised Approach to Technology Maturity 


The approach Lovena Reddi moves within her customers’ context is to first look after governance, which is to align a business to specific standards within the business strategy.  


Secondly, her team will focus on the people within an organisation, “We need to provide the appropriate training in security for all users, and you as an organisation need to protect your people first because they are the company asset. When people are looked after you’ll be able to bring in more business,” says Lovena Reddi. 


Lastly, the team will ensure that processes are aligned with business goals and strategies which are enabled by the appropriate technologies.” says Lovena Reddi.  


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