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    Get the most from your technology investment.

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Getting the most from your technology investments. When your business grows and changes, so do your information risks. These need to be managed effectively without disturbing your operations. A good way to do this is through technology, which can enable you to respond to information risks quickly and with minimal disruption.

Sometimes, however, you may put a technology in place but fail to see the efficiency or improvement you were looking for. That’s because technology isn’t always the problem, or even the solution. It’s just one part of a bigger picture that also includes governance, process and people. All four of these elements are equally crucial, and form the foundation of the Mobius approach.

To achieve success, we ensure that technologies are fit for purpose and meet the needs of your organisation. Following this, adoption and use of the technology is critical: we embed the related governance and processes into your organisation and ensure people in your organisation have the knowledge to execute on these processes and use the technology. And finally, we believe benefits need to be seen in the short term, that’s why we ensure the implementation approach is focused on showing value quickly, with the larger aim of achieving long-term benefits.



  • Holistic

  • Fit for purpose


  • Improved maturity within information risk and privacy compliance

  • Improved information security and privacy capabilities

  • Effective use of information security technologies


  • Expertise across information security, information risk and privacy

  • Project management

  • Change management

  • Business analysis

  • Knowledge technology trends

  • Implementations within large multinationals

  • Partnerships with trusted implementation partners and vendors through CREDO Technologies (a member of the Mobius Group)



Everything is bigger, better and faster in the cloud, and organisations are taking advantage of the benefits of this digital transformation.

While cloud service providers release new services daily and developers rapidly deploy cloud applications and infrastructure, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Mobius’ Cloud Security experts can help you actualise your cloud security strategy and help you improve your security posture.



Misconfigured cloud security settings are the root cause of many cloud data breaches.

A Mobius Cloud Security Assessment provides actionable insights into your security misconfigurations and deviations compared to recommended cloud security architecture settings from Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks and leading cloud vendors, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure/M365, and Google Cloud Platform. The assessment evaluates the following key areas to identify security vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure, management, and compliance.

Mobius Consulting M365 Security Assessments