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A recent study by Boston Consulting Group showed that companies that value diversity amongst staff and senior management increased their revenue by 19%. The study found that “increasing the diversity of leadership teams leads to more and better innovation and improved financial performance.” It looked at 1700 different companies across 8 different countries, with varying industries and company size. For companies in technology and consulting, this is critical, as innovation has long played a major role in growth, stability and expansion. In an industry where being ‘disruptive’ is often the difference between success and failure, this study has proven that diversity should be prized and sought after, because it actively drives revenue and profits, benefiting the bottom line, for companies large and small. Diversity means welcoming people from different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings and genders into your business, and embracing the sentiment that they bring with them new ways of thinking, ideas, and approaches, making the company stronger, more stable, and geared for growth. Key in this study is the Directors’ vision for the business and the brand’s values in supporting diversity through equal pay, equal access to opportunities and by creating a culture of openness and inclusion. Diversity in leadership has long been something that Patrick Ryan, Managing Director of Mobius Consulting, has valued. “When I started the business back in 2012, the first person I asked to join me was Lynn Martin; I had worked with her before and knew that her skills, expertise and passion would be critical in helping me grow the business and deliver value to our customers. Soon after, we were joined by Sandhya Mohan-Pillai. Together, their creative energy and passion for the Mobius Consulting brand values, as well as creating the Mobius culture, has contributed significantly to our success.”
Mobius Consulting has always looked to appoint highly skilled men and women who have the necessary credentials and experience to ensure that the company exceeds customers’ expectations. “In the 8 years that I have been working for Mobius Consulting, we have made a real effort to ensure that all our staff really ‘get’ our culture, and that they live it every minute of the day,” says Lynn Martin. “A testimony to our organic growth as a balanced organisation is that nearly 60% of our staff are women,” says Patrick Ryan. “This is much higher than the industry average.”


“I’m used to going into meetings and sometimes being the only female in the room,” says Sandhya Mohan-Pillai. “There is on occasion prejudice that women experience that has to be worked through. However, things are beginning to move forward; more and more leadership roles are being filled by women. Learning to navigate this space is key to success in this industry.” Mobius Consulting has a strong female leadership base and this naturally attracts strong women who are pursuing a career in this industry. “There is a generation of women that are working hard to give women options and access to opportunities that they lacked in the past, and these women are making an impact on the corporate world and within cyber security,” says Sandhya Mohan-Pallai. While women represent only a minority of the workforce in the cyber security field. A further minority are African women. Many of these African women have made a significant impact on the cyber security industry throughout the African continent, in a diverse range of sectors. The Women in Cybersecuritry Awards Africa (WICA) was established to give recognition to these leading women and create role models for young women in the industry. This annual award aims to uncover vital contributions that these women have made while calling attention to the role of women in cyber security. Mobius Consulting’s very own Sandhya Mohan-Pillai was recently recognised by WICA as one of the Top 50 Women in Cyber Security. Her hard work, strong leadership skills and passion for the industry positioned her as one of the top women in cyber security on the African continent.


“There is a rising global demand for cyber security and information security expertise, and a deficit in people to fill these roles, and Mobius Consulting is privileged to be a leading service provider in the region. “Mobius’ leadership role in the industry together with our people-orientated and supportive culture makes us a very attractive employer in the industry,” according to Patrick Ryan. “Be decisive about where you want to take your career. Be open to change and be open to learning. It is important to approach one’s career with confidence,” says Sandhya Mohan-Pillai. Mobius Consulting supports graduates with various levels of skills and expertise. “Creating a company that has a broad spectrum of strengths, qualifications and experience produces longevity,” says Lynn Martin.


  • A problem-solver by nature with the ability to apply different lenses.
  • Intuitive and innovative thinker
  • Goal-driven.
  • Well rounded.
  • Curious with a hunger for knowledge
  • Passionate. Those who get ahead are the ones that show passion for what they do and this is where Mobius Consulting strives to support their teams. It all begins with passion.
Along with Mobius Consulting, it is clear that companies world-wide are realising the benefits of a happy and diverse workforce and as long as women in cyber security contribute to the growth and success of this industry, the professional playing field will continue to evolve while sustainable change is actualised. Learn more about the Mobius Consulting team here.