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Mobius Consulting hosted a Cyber Security and Privacy event at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebene on 12 April 2019.

Subject matter experts discussed information risks you need to be aware of :-

–   risk of non-compliance with privacy regulations and balancing the legal and practical aspects of         the regulations,

–   increasing cyber security threat and challenges in Mauritius, and

–   linkages and dependencies between these.

We discussed the impact that these risks may have on organisations as well as practical considerations that you can quickly apply in your organisation.

The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation was also present on the day to capture the event.  Watch the news clip – Click here.

ION News posted a video about the event as well – Watch the video.

Below are all the presentations  (Click on the presentation name to open presentation slide pack)

Data Privacy and Cyber security

by Mrs Drudeisha Mabhub (Data Protection Commissioner)

Cyber security landscape in Mauritius

by Ms Joanne Esmyot (Executive Director of National Computer Board)

Data Protection: A practical approach

by Roelien Howell (Senior Managing Consultant at Mobius Consulting)

Cyber security: A practical approach

by Lovena Reddi (Managing Consultant at Mobius Consulting)

Who is Mobius?

by Patrick Ryan (Managing Director of Mobius Consulting)

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