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Robert Len’s Background 

Cape Town born, Robert Len has a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Information Systems. He also completed his MCSE and OSCP. Rob’s passion for information security has led him to pursue his masters in Computer Science, writing his thesis on in-browser crypto jacking. 

Robert Len has specialised in information technology throughout his professional career. His journey began with an opportunity that arose in Johannesburg and it was there that he gained extensive experience in information security, primarily in the banking security sector. 

“It was in Joburg that I connected with Patrick Ryan, the Founder and Managing Director of Mobius Consulting, and after the world’s most efficient interview, I was invited to join his company in Cape Town,” says Robert. 



Robert Len’s Role at Mobius Consulting:  

Robert Len is the service line leader for the security testing service line at Mobius Consulting, where (ethical) hacking and security testing comes to life. The security testing team works hard to challenge the security of any company’s network, devices and platforms: this includes testing home network security and social engineering.   


“We can look at testing from either a technical or a social engineering perspective,” says Rob. “We search for technical vulnerabilities as well as human vulnerabilities.” 


From a technical point-of-view, one of the ways to ensure that a company’s information is safeguarded, is to search for any vulnerable information that may lie beyond the reach of conventional search engines, for example in the ‘dark web’ where hackers sell data to the highest bidder. 

From a social engineering point-of-view, the team needs to play on the emotions and vulnerabilities inherent in human users. Through a variety of exercises, Robert and his team try to entice employees into clicking on dodgy links or give up critical information like logins, without realising they are being ethically hacked. This helps ensure that organisations are able to manage their employee risk more effectively.   

“We scour the internet to track the data footprint that companies leave behind,” says Robert. “There may be usernames and passwords in the public domain that the company is unaware of: our goal is to find and fix this security breach.” 

While being at the forefront of implementation, Robert also works hard to continuously up-skill his team. He is always innovating to ensure that the techniques that the security testing team use remain ahead of the game.  

“There is a wealth of information out there regarding technological advancements and there is an art to navigating through these resources without experiencing information overload,” says Robert. “It’s critical to stay one step ahead of the hackers in this game.” 


Why Choose Mobius Consulting? 

“One of the privileges of working with Mobius Consulting is that we are able to work with a variety of organisations, with our professional relationships at the center of this organisation,” says Robert. 


“There is the human element where we go out of our way to ensure that our clients get what they need. On the other hand, we strive to maintain a superior level of technical expertise.” 


Every member of the Mobius Consulting team has been uniquely selected due to their inherent passion for information security. “It is all about mindset and although skill is imperative, drive for knowledge and love for the subject matter is the determining factor when we select new team members,” says Robert. 

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