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Raymond du Plessis is based in Mobius’ Johannesburg office. He began his studies at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and he has gone on to complete vocational studies through professional bodies like ISACA and ISC. Raymond believes that continual education, and more importantly the knowledge that you gain from it, forms a large part of the essential tools of the trade in the information security industry.

“I am a firm believer in continuing to update my knowledge and skills in the trade,” says Raymond du Plessis.




Raymond started his career as a telecommunications technician at Telkom, “ it feels like a lifetime ago,” says Raymond. His first real job in IT began in software development – he wrote code in Turbo Pascal and C for the first few years of his career. Thereafter, Raymond had the privilege of working across a very broad range of fields in IT, including network management, disaster recovery, user support, and outsource services, and finally, settled in on information security about 15 years ago.

“One of the benefits of having such a diverse background is understanding how information security is applied across the various fields in IT,” says Raymond. 

Entering his 6th year at Mobius Consulting, Raymond believes he has found a company where he can apply his expertise. “Mobius is a good home for me because I have the opportunity to apply my previous experience and knowledge. Mobius has a holistic approach to information security and that is what makes this company special.”


Raymond du Plessis is a Senior Managing Consultant at Mobius and the lead of the Cybersecurity service line, although he works in close conjunction with other service lines at Mobius including the Security Testing team. 

“Often, the security testing team will uncover weaknesses in a clients’ network or processes, and our approach is to take those weaknesses and figure out how to assist the organisation to address those vulnerabilities,” says Raymond.

Raymond also aims to develop the services in Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity includes many of the controls and solutions to the vulnerabilities that arise once the security testing team has analysed their clients’ information security risks. 

“From a cyber security perspective there is currently a high demand for incident response capabilities. The cyber security team helps companies to better  protect, identify, respond and recover to and from cyber attacks.”



“One of the advantages of Mobius is the holistic approach of our solutions – we don’t just think about IT, we think about business,” says Raymond. “The Mobius Consulting team continually innovates to keep up with the changing information security needs of organisations.”



“I am a practical person and I believe it is essential to take a pragmatic approach to information security,” says Raymond du Plessis,”Theory is one thing, but implementing solutions that are applicable and work effectively for an organisation, lies at the heart of Mobius Consulting. We are on the cusp of a new era in information security and we need to rise to the challenge of finding security solutions that bring about sustainable changes in organisations which align with their digitisation and modernisation strategies.”

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