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Technology consulting brings a new level of understanding to the implementation of information technology and benefits it can have for businesses; and Senior Managing Consultant at Mobius Consulting, Amanda Hechter is one such driver of the service line. 

 As part of the EXCO team and a service line leader, Amanda plays a key role in the education and implementation of Identity and Access Governance (IAG) and technology consulting to Mobius’ clients – something that she is extremely passionate about. 


“Technology is becoming a really big part of business, and we have to move with the times and incorporate technology into our service lines, which is where technology consulting comes in,” explains Amanda.  

“We look at how to embed technology into organisations, and that the technologies we implement are sustainable and really add value to our customers. There’s a huge drive around automation in the industry, and companies are jumping to get the technology aboard, but forgetting about many important factors, such as preparing the processes and personnel to handle such technology. Our technology consulting service helps bridge the gap.” 


Amanda, who has a background in the banking sector, explains that the dynamic nature of the industry is a primary motivator for her involvement and passion with Mobius Consulting. 

“The industry is constantly changing. In the information risk and information security space, it’s never the same – and because of that, it allows me to innovate, think differently, and come up with new approaches. 

This dynamism in the technology industry is a catalyst for creativity, which is an element Amanda immerses herself in. 


 “On every project, we have a different approach. Of course, there are best practices and standards to follow, but how you apply that leaves a lot of room for creativity, and this differs from client to client. It’s not a cut-and-paste for every problem, and it forces us to innovate and adapt.” 

Identity and Access Governance (IAG) is also a pivotal focus for Mobius for 2020, an area which Amanda sees great growth in despite the veteran nature of the service. 

“For 2020, IAG is a huge focus from a security perspective and we have a great foundation around the service, with a lot of intellectual property methodologies and templates to work from. We’re developing the service line, looking at industry trends, and what’s new in the market, to make sure that we’re keeping up to date and providing the best guidance to our clients.” 

With regards to working with Mobius Consulting, Amanda emphasises that the company, while diverse in its skillset and personnel, feels like a tight-knit team.  

“Mobius feels like a family with different kinds of people all working for the same goal. We’re quite strict with our recruitment process, and it’s a testament to the fact that Mobius focuses on finding the right individuals who fit the company and the Mobius values. 

“While Mobius has grown substantially in recent years, we’ve managed to maintain the culture that makes the foundation of the company, which is incredibly important.” 

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