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A global Oil and Gas client was in the process of establishing Information Privacy operations across various regions worldwide to mature its compliance efforts with applicable Privacy legislation. While the client embarked on identifying appropriate roles and skillsets for regional Privacy Officers and aimed to initiate implementation efforts; Mobius Consulting was required to drive Privacy implementation effectively and build momentum in the client’s environment.

Mobius offered assistance to the client in terms of Privacy programme management. The Mobius team of highly skilled individuals worked with the internal legal counsel, information security teams, marketing and other governance teams to ensure that all Privacy (i.e. through the data inventory process) and Security (i.e. Privacy and Security working together – incident management) deliverables met internal client standards as well. The overall Mobius approach was underpinned by effective behavioural change management, which is a critical element of the successful implementation of any project that affects business operations.

As a result, all deliverables (including but, not limited to Data Inventories; Privacy Impact Assessments; Privacy Third Party Risk Management Framework; Risk Registers with a corresponding framework from which Privacy controls are derived from; Privacy Reporting Dashboards; and Privacy Training Material) and objectives were met over the 12-month period from Mobius’s primary involvement in programme management. The client obtained value from this project by ensuring that responsible roles across the client’s environment implemented required Privacy activities and subject-matter expert guidance on agreed Privacy activities in becoming Privacy compliant.

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