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Cyber Security and Incident Response

A multinational client in the financial services industry recently asked Mobius to conduct a Cyber Security incident response review and simulation exercise. The primary objective of the project was to help improve the organisation’s readiness to respond to a major Cyber Security incident.

The project included the following:

  • Development of a Cyber Security threat profile outlining the most common threats facing the organisation
  • Reviewed the current incident response process and artefacts to identify any gaps and made the required updates to ensure that they align with other organisational processes and best practice standards such as the NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • Development of an incident response plan and the required awareness content to adopt the process across the organisation 
  • Reviewed the monitoring processes and security technologies being used for threat monitoring to assess if these technologies and services were being used optimally to monitor for the most common threat types facing the organisation as identified by the organisation’s threat profile
  • Performed a simulation exercise based on the organisation’s threat profile to assess how effective the updated incident response process would be in the event of an actual incident occurring.

Overall the project resulted in an enhanced incident response capability that was aligned to the most common threat types facing the organisation, best practices and standards, and was adopted across the organisation. 

Should you require any further details on our Cyber Security incident response approach or need assistance with conducting an incident simulation exercise, please contact us or visit our Cyber Security service line for more details.