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A private educational institution migrated its student management system from its on-premises location to Amazon AWS.

Mobius assisted this educational institution by drafting their Privacy and Data Transfer Notice. This notice informs parents of and collects their consent for the transfer of their children’s data outside of Mauritius, in compliance with legislation such as the Mauritius Data Protection Act.

The institution also acquired education licenses for Office365 and Microsoft Teams to enable students to study from home. The school integrated OneDrive as well to share class handouts and provide students with school email addresses.

An acceptable use policy was developed to inform parents of their responsibilities and guide their children in the proper use of these tools.

The institution had also requested Mobius to assist them in performing a Vulnerability Assessment to identify potential weaknesses in the new system while hardening the infrastructure against potential attacks. The IT team was provided with a report and guidance to address these findings to successful remediation.

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